Saturday, August 21, 2010

Art Unraveled and Arizona

Why do they call it Art UNraveled? I found it to be a perfect place to reconnect and knit together so many of my different interests and enthusiasms. As a jewelry nut I was thrilled to see lots of styles and interpretations of the kind of stuff I love, from Found Object Funk to Haute Steampunk and from gorgeous glass to fabulous fibers to rusted relics. Anyone who follows the mixed media and art jewelry scenes would think they'd died and gone to heaven: there were classes by Keith LoBue, Susan Lenart Kazmer, Richard Salley, Melissa Manley, Thomas Ashman, Laurie Mika, Barbe Saint John, Jane Wynn and more.... these people are my heroes and inspirers, the people whose work I admire so much that I have to work very hard to NOT copy their styles.

The photo shows a selection of the work my students did. These pieces haven't been fired yet, so you don't get to see how fantastic they look when they're finished!