Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just checking...(COMM)

Our Art Charms book is back up to #4 on the Amazon bestselling jewelry books list. YIPPEE!

After getting the most awesome rating I've ever seen, 5 stars and everything, I guess maybe it's an OK book ;)

Come ON! Check it out will ya?!?

It's 27 small mixed media projects  that you can use for jewelry, accessories, home decor, and wall art. There are easy instructions for beginners and fresh ideas for the experienced.  

Let me know what you think, OK?


Thursday, July 1, 2010


The Chatelaine was the mistress of the household or castle, and keeper of the keys. She was responsible for the smooth operation of everything from purchasing and storing food and wine and supplies, to mending, cleaning, paying the accounts and all the millions of other domestic chores.

The Chatelaine wore a belt to hold all the symbols of her office and daily necessities like keys, clock, scissors and money. In time the belt itself came to be known as a chatelaine. Our purses and briefcases are the closest thing to the chatelaine-belt of olden days.

What would you put on your belt or in your bag? Cell phone, keys, money... Not much has changed. Inspired by the belt of old and the countless chores of today I created my own chatelaine of found objects, handmade beads, stones and bones, clock parts, tools, horsehair and handcuffs, religious objects and discarded jewelry. It dangles from a rusty chain on my wall.

A chatelaine for the Modern Woman...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Feeling Overwhelmed...

Maybe it's just a spacey kind of day. It's like I'm not getting any traction. I spoiled a kiln shelf worth of fused glass by overcooking it, and I'm bummed about that. I did a really lousy job of listening to my friend vent--not listening, actually, but trying to "fix" it for her. I hate it when people do that (don't really listen) to me, and I try to listen attentively to others, but I SO wanted her to feel better...

I know how much I have on my To Do List and I'm overly focused on that. I gotta lighten up and just keep doing one thing at a time. 

And then I want to make a dress that looks like this iris from my garden.  

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Heat Waaaave!

Why did I wait until the hottest and wettest and most humid week of the year (so far) to make some new fused glass pieces? Fortunately the kiln wasn't running when the power went out this morning. The dishwasher was, though. Yeah, it got pretty moist here. Disgusting. But I love the new cabochons (flat-backed, slightly domed glass "gems") that I'm making. This one is about 2" long. I wish you could see how it glitters, and the depths of color and pattern. So cool! Or should I say hot?

I got a really nice gift today. I read the SkyBluePink Newsletter (you should, too!) and Christina gave my book a really nice plug. Thanks Christina. The Margarita is in the mail! And anybody who wants a great deal on art charm and other supplies should sign up for the SkyBluePink newsletter. That's where I get a lot of my supplies. Their slogan is "Cool Stuff For Non-Fancy Prices." It's true! And no, I don't get anything for endorsing SBP. But you'll thank me.