Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Few Charms to Charm You

If you decide to Follow my blog (click on the link that says "Follow") I would be very pleased. So pleased that I'll randomly award charms to 3 people from my follower list. No obligation. The drawing will be on July 1st or whenever I remember ;)

Regarding the charms below: Please feel free to adapt any of these to your own materials. Unless you deliberately make a copy (which is difficult because materials are usually different) it's not "stealing." I'm always delighted when somebody lets me (and the public) know when they've used one of my designs, but it isn't necessary. Besides, lots of my designs were inspired by other artists' works, but NEVER deliberately copied.  

These aren't necessarily the best charms I ever made. They're just the photos I had handy. I thought I'd throw a bunch of them here so you could see what an ArtCharm (handmade limited edition charm) looks like. I added some examples of stuff you can do with your charms, like lampshades and wire trees. Some of them will expand if you click on them.




Charm Tree from ArtCharms Yahoo Group Swap