Friday, September 24, 2010

Epic Fail--and Rescue

I can't believe I did this. I procrastinated--just for a couple of days!--on making reservations for the hotel in Portland. (I actually forgot and thought Tony was going to do it.) I have zero brains when getting this close to a big teaching event.

So I just found out that not only is the block of rooms for Art & Soul art retreat sold out, but the only rooms available are quite out of my price range. AAAKKKKK! 

I checked the Database for the A&S Yahoo Group to see if anyone is looking for a roomie. I'm hoping, praying, and crossing my fingers and my eyes that somebody will still have room.

Meanwhile, my Mom, who fell and broke her hip a week or so ago, has been in the emergency room twice in the last few days for a dislocated hip joint. Now they have her in a brace so she doesn't pop it out again. 

Two days ago the power went out and our computers, which had slowed considerably in the last few days, were "hanging" for every little thing. I wasn't getting emails on time, and it was taking forever to access my blog, Yahoo groups, etc. This morning Tony called the ISP and asked what was wrong, thinking the power outage messed us up. Nope. They said we needed to upgrade our modem. My mind started going  $$ $$ $$  and my stomach did a flip-flop. We just bought a new camera after our 10-year-old digital died. Not cheap. And I couldn't afford the kind of camera needed for taking the RAW format photos needed by my publishers if I do another book. I guess I can't afford to do another book.

But then, as it turned out, the upgrade to the modem was free, and done over the cable. Sometimes I love technology!

My Mom, helped by my sisters, has been moved to an assisted living facility in Milwaukee. I'm praying that she'll be happy and safe there.

While I was writing about all my troubles, I got an email from an Angel at Art & Soul Retreat. She has room for me in her hotel room. Her roomie cancelled! And here's what she said in her email: "A few weeks ago I had considered "pairing up" with some of the others who were also looking for roommates to share the room that had been booked.  But I figured I'd wait to see if I could bless someone was in dire straits and didn't have a room."

I'd just asked Deborah and Tony for prayers. Wow, nice timing! Thanks. I have goose bumps now. And I feel like the luckiest idiot in the whole world. 

What does the Lava Lamp have to do with all this? Nothing. I just like the picture.