Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blog Hop Coming Soon!

OK, I'll admit I'm no computer whiz. My geekness centers more around botany and making jewelry. But I spent the better part of today getting a blog post put together and it's only half-bad *smirk* if I do say so myself. You'd have to know me to realize what a big deal it is to me when I can post not only lots of photos but a bunch of hyperlinks, class descriptions and artists' names.

I hope I did it right. *gulp!*

Monday, Feb 21 is the big day, the Unveiling, The HOP. Ten different artists who have classes at Art & Soul (see button on the right) are linking their blogs to each other's blogs so you can hop easily from one to the next. And if you're REALLY ambitious you can visit all three sets of ten!

Please check it out. And let me know if I did it right.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

From Asia, Charmingly

These are the charms I made for the Asian-themed swap. The requirements were that I had to use paper as the primary material/medium, and that they measured less than 1.5 inches long. 

The fan is folded black cardstock, sealed with acrylic spray sealer so it would be water-resistant, and sprayed with gold spray webbing. The webbing made really cool squiggles on the paper but you can only see the edges of it in this photo. I used a Krylon gold-leafing pen on the base and top edge, then added a tiny dangle of vintage red beads and gold seed beads. 

The next two charms are made of paperclay tinted with acrylic paint mixed right into the clay and edged with leafing pen. I was going for a Faux Raku look, but I don't think I succeeded. I haven't used paperclay much; I'm accustomed to working with polymer clay and it behaves very differently. Good learning experience, though. That's what I say when an experiment doesn't turn out as well as I'd hoped.
I made about thirty fans (my sweetie-pie husband did all the folding for me!) for the swap and another 5 or so just for samples. Then I made about 15 of the faux raku charms to fill in for some extras. In exchange I got some of the most incredible charms I've ever seen: origami animals and stars, a miniature pop-up book, a locket, rolled beads made from washi paper, and a tiny treasure box that looked like a book but opened up to a secret compartment. There were so many more (a total of 30 or so) that I can't begin to name or describe them all. Every single one, without exception, was extraordinary.

A special thanks to all the ArtCharmers who participated in this swap. These are treasures, every one of them. And so are the friendships I've made in this lovely group! 


Monday, February 14, 2011

Your Valentine

Valentine charms from our recent swap in the ArtCharms Yahoo Group: 
I wish I could take pictures of every single one--they're so cute!

I made more than one kind of heart charms. Here are 2 of them:


Sent with LOVE!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snow Day!!!!

Last week we had a Snow Day. When I was a little kid Snow Day meant a day off school: a whole free day to make snow people and drink cocoa and forget about homework. It means the same today, except I played in my studio and in the evening I drank red wine. I ignored a long To Do list (my current homework) and just enjoyed an unexpected day off. Except for some serious shoveling.  

My front yard:
My back yard with Phoebe doing some exploring:
The alley:

My deck: