Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blog Hop Coming Soon!

OK, I'll admit I'm no computer whiz. My geekness centers more around botany and making jewelry. But I spent the better part of today getting a blog post put together and it's only half-bad *smirk* if I do say so myself. You'd have to know me to realize what a big deal it is to me when I can post not only lots of photos but a bunch of hyperlinks, class descriptions and artists' names.

I hope I did it right. *gulp!*

Monday, Feb 21 is the big day, the Unveiling, The HOP. Ten different artists who have classes at Art & Soul (see button on the right) are linking their blogs to each other's blogs so you can hop easily from one to the next. And if you're REALLY ambitious you can visit all three sets of ten!

Please check it out. And let me know if I did it right.


Jane said...

You did good! ::)

Peggy said...

Wait 'til Monday--I actually (sort of) impressed myself!

Christine Hansen said...

You GO Girl!!! Can't wait for the Hop to start! xoxo, c