Thursday, July 1, 2010


The Chatelaine was the mistress of the household or castle, and keeper of the keys. She was responsible for the smooth operation of everything from purchasing and storing food and wine and supplies, to mending, cleaning, paying the accounts and all the millions of other domestic chores.

The Chatelaine wore a belt to hold all the symbols of her office and daily necessities like keys, clock, scissors and money. In time the belt itself came to be known as a chatelaine. Our purses and briefcases are the closest thing to the chatelaine-belt of olden days.

What would you put on your belt or in your bag? Cell phone, keys, money... Not much has changed. Inspired by the belt of old and the countless chores of today I created my own chatelaine of found objects, handmade beads, stones and bones, clock parts, tools, horsehair and handcuffs, religious objects and discarded jewelry. It dangles from a rusty chain on my wall.

A chatelaine for the Modern Woman...


Christina said...

Oh, Peggy, it's wonderful! I love what it looks like and the story behind it, too. Very clever.

inventivesoul said...

This is FABULOUS!!!
I love it Peggy!!!