Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A New Direction

I finally did it. I revealed a photo of myself. Honestly, you wouldn't think it's a big deal, but I have a terrible case of Photo Phobia.

I had to do it. I've been accepted to teach two classes at the new Art and Soul Retreat in Madison, and I had to submit a photo and bio. I couldn't be happier about teaching these classes. And that's my new direction: I've taught for many years, but never at a national-level show. And I wrote a book! It's coauthored with my friend Chris Hansen, and will be released in June of 2010. I did the process photography for the book, too.

It feels creepy to write a bio for myself, but it was required for the application process. Here it is:

As a mixed media artist, motivational speaker, and teacher with over twenty years of experience, Peggy’s goal is to provide a safe and non-judgmental place to practice the four E’s: Enjoyment, Empowerment, Exploration and self-Expression. Her classes focus on having fun as well as learning techniques. She earned her Master’s Degree in Life Coaching with an emphasis on Creativity, and leads workshops devoted to claiming one’s Creative Spirit through art; her business name, ARTandSOULtoo, reflects that combination. She currently teaches fused glass and mixed media jewelry, polymer clay, paper making, metal working, gourd art, WishCrafting, and assemblage. Her book Making Mixed Media ArtCharms and Jewelry will be released in Spring of 2010.

At a later date I'll post the class descriptions and some photos. But I can't promise that I'll keep this blog updated. It's more fun to make art than it is to write about it. 

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