Friday, June 11, 2010

For Love of Tools, or, Drill Press Synchronicity

Guess what I got for my birthday. My Art Group pitched in together to give me a gift certificate (thanks so much, girlfriends!) and I ordered a drill press. It's just a little one, called The WorkStation. It holds a Dremel so that you can not only drill but also mount it sideways and use it as a grinder. I can't wait until it arrives. (By the way, It was $49 at Home Depot and $38 on Amazon- with free shipping.)

My old drill press is a pretty simple thing: it holds my Dad's BIG old electric drill. I use it all the time, but it sure isn't portable or convenient. Here's a photo of what I've been doing with my old drill press:

So here I'm all excited about my baby press and then I read Chris' blog about HER new one. I think it's the Mother of all Drill Presses--at least the home-size version. Take a look at it here:

Awesome, eh?

OK, so if you're not into tools this might not trip yer trigger, but I'm drooling.

Meanwhile I'm laughing about the timing. Chris' drill press article scooped mine. That'll teach me. Next time I'm posting first!

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Chris said...

That has to be the first time in my writing career that I've ever scooped someone! Can't wait to see what you do with The WorkStation!