Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Art Unraveled

My flight to Arizona to teach at Art Unraveled was cancelled! So glad I found another one later in the day. And my Hostess is so gracious... she assured me that my change in plans wasn't going to be a big problem. Whew! Thanks, Deborah!

And here's a bit of eye candy for you: A romantic charm bracelet by my friend Sally, made right here on my kitchen table. We shared charms, stories, and tea. What a delight!

The paper under the bracelet includes pressed ferns from the garden. Remember that you're all invited to come and make paper with me on my deck!


Christine Hansen said...

Thanks for the delish eye candy Peg! And congrats on getting another flight! :)

Pretty Things said...

I love that bracelet. It's so balanced, which I've found is so hard to do with mixed media.... but you have it spot on! So pretty....