Friday, November 5, 2010

Art-Friends: I'm Grateful for You

In yesterday's post I shared my discouragement with a project that wasn't going the way I thought it should. Yes, I was whining. In spite of that I got such great responses that I wanted to share them with everybody.

Day 4: Discouraged Already

I'm still working on the same project and today I almost finished it. And it's ugly. I mean UGLY. I was going for the Industrial Look. This thing is totally depressing. There are a lot of things I can do to fix it, but right now I'm just discouraged. 6:30 pm and it's already dark outside. All I want to do is go to bed.  
Dana said...I don't think it is ugly at all. I think you have just been looking at it too much and need a break. 
 Tomorrow is another day.
Jennifer Cameron said...I think it looks awesome. Where's the ugly part?
Elizabeth in NM said...If its too ugly for you, feel free to send it to me! Just kidding, I think it looks great. I agree with Dana, you are probably just sick of looking at it. I'm sure it will be fantastic if you push through. Making art is not easy!
Carol said...I agree with Dana, too. Step back, work on something else and then go back to it. Sometimes something new has to grow on you.

Keri called me with lots more encouragement, and allowed me to talk through my problem with the bracelet. 
Thanks for the feedback, everybody. I REALLY appreciate that you took the time to post messages and call!
Dana, you are so right--I've been looking at it too long. Now this morning I have new energy for it.
Jennifer, I think the ugly part is that I was trying to do monochromatic and succeeded too well. (That is not a black-and-white photo! It's full color.) The advice I  give to my students (and forget to take for myself) is that “just because it didn’t turn out like you expected, doesn’t mean it’s not good.”  
Elizabeth, I love your phrase "push through." That's it exactly! I'm going to write this on a note and post it above my work table
Carol, you summed it up: step back. I need to be reminded to do that.

Keri, you made me laugh. At myself, which is perhaps the most important thing a stuck (whining) artist can do.
I'll post my "fix" later today if I finish it--before and after photos--to see if I succeed. 


Jennifer Cameron said...

I honestly really love the monochromatic. The creative part is in the components and texture...Perhaps you are so used to using so much color it's difficult to see the beauty of monochromatic with rich texture? If it bothers you that much, you could add a single element of surprise like a red charm or something.

Dana said...

Hope you creativity is keeping you busy. I really have to finish my charms. LOL.

Barbe Saint John/ Saints and Sinners® said...

that “just because it didn’t turn out like you expected, doesn’t mean it’s not good.”

absolutely brilliant advice.

I love this. Perhaps you think its "ugly' because you are so used to using so much lush color all the time.

It's beautiful, its full of texture and hues not at all flat or lifeless. Set it aside and take a look at it in a few days, you'll see how beautiful it is like the rest of us do.