Monday, November 22, 2010

Selling Online?

I'm wondering if I should open an Etsy shop. I need a bit of feedback. I sell these pendants for $35. As you can see from the photos below, they measure approximately 2 inches including the bail. They're handmade fused dichroic glass and the bail is gold or silver plated. The problem is that unless you've seen dichroic glass before, the photos really don't convey all the sparkle and depth of the glass. 

I'd love to have your comments.



Elizabeth in NM said...

Go for it! The thing about Etsy is that it requires very little commitment or money to get started--just a .20 listing fee and I think 3.5% if it sells--don't quote me on that, though. I have sold a few things. My problem is that I really don't spend a lot of time on my store, something I would like to focus on in 2011. I think that your pricing seems reasonable too.

Carol said...

Glad to see you back on! I was concerned what happened to you. You have been busy--beautiful! My sister does Etsy and has been doing pretty good. My daughter-in-law and I started one, but have a hard time spending the time doing it, but have decided 2011 will be better and we will keep up better! Good luck!

Beadaciously Yours said...

Hi - I just found your blog today. Your pendants are wonderful. I say go for it on Etsy and/or Artfire. I have been selling on Etsy since 2008. It has been slow, but as I learn more about marketing, SEO, etc. I am beginning to get more sales. I have sold 4 items in the last few days on Etsy, and I am now up to a total of 60 sales. Thirty-eight of those sales occurred since July of 2010.