Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Susan Lenart Kazmer's New Line

Wow! I love this stuff! Nice job, Susan. Look for her new jewelry components at Michaels.

I've taken several classes with Susan, so I've made some of the pieces she's selling, like the key with heishe and the metal tags. But some of these charms I'd never get around to doing. Where the heck could I find that cool number 5? Or the enameled bird? And one of them--a little red antique metal toy car--is completely unavailable--sold out. At least, it is at both of the Michaels I've tried. So if YOU have something like that (a tiny antique car--with or without paint and wheels) please share with me! Or rusty metal numbers or enameled... Well, you get the picture.  (By the way, Michaels is spelled without the apostrophe. That's for the Apostrophe Police.)

I saw a contest on SLK's website, Objects and Elements, to design jewelry using her components, so I entered it. http://objectsandelements.typepad.com/objects_and_elements
I wanted to incorporate my co-author Christine's handmade beads, so I made these earrings:
I'd love to have made lots more stuff, but time and $$ put a bit of a crimp in that. I do plan to make a huge bib/collar with found objects to wear to Art Unraveled. I found a tea-length black cotton short-sleeved dress at the thrift store that will be a nice backdrop for my big necklace.

Yikes! I have to get ready for class. I'm teaching fused glass this afternoon at the Arlington Heights Senior Center, and I'm still in my PJs.

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